Lessons are designed for your needs

Language & Culture

Japanese language lessons, arts & crafts, mini-lectures.

Learing style

Lessons are tailored to your goals and levels. Adults and children welcomed.

No language barrier

Lessons can be taught in Japanese, English or Chinese.

Time & place

You choose when and where to study.

Private & Group lessons

Study with friends and save money.


Study from anywhere in the world by Skype.

Student feedback

I have taken Japanese lessons from Nozomi-san for about 5 months, and every lesson was well organized, very informative, but equally relaxed and enjoyable. Nozomi-san pays a lot of attention to the students’ needs and the content they like, so that she can adapt her lessons to be as beneficial as possible. For example, she once transcribed several entire episodes of Kami Usagi Rope for me, and made my day! Plus, the friendly atmosphere of her lessons is extremely effective in developing conversation skills. I can whole-heartedly recommend Nozomi-san to anyone looking for a Japanese teacher.

Eren san


I have been a student of Nozomi for almost a year. We did two private lessons a week and there was not a single day when I thought about skipping a lesson. Without Nozomi as my teacher, pushing me to learn and improve my Japanese, I doubt I would’ve been as dedicated. She was always devoted and treated every lesson with the highest level of professionalism. Nozomi was the best Japanese teacher I’ve had and if you truly want to learn Japanese, then there is no one I could recommend more.

student 1

Rus san

New Zealand









student 2

顧 san







student 3

陳 san


About me




My name is Nozomi. I’m originally from Tsukuba in Ibaraki prefecture. Now I live in beautiful Kanazawa.

I am a friendly and focused language teacher dedicated to helping each of my students reach their personal goals. I love learning languages myself (so I know how difficult it can be) and I really enjoy teaching Japanese. Let’s study together and have fun!


8 years of experience teaching Japanese in Shanghai, Taiwan, Canada, New Zealand and Japan.

Completed all the requirements of the 420 hour Japanese Language Teacher Training Course

Passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test

Bachelor of Japanese literature, Meiji University, Tokyo

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Lessons & Fees


   Monday-Sunday / 9:00-22:00 (Japanese time)  





♢ Face-to-Face 

 Anywhere convenient for you (e.g. your home, your office, a cafe, a library.)   
 Students buy their own food/drink when the lesson is held in a cafe.


 ♢ Online

     Please install the Skype free software for online lessons.

     Skype (Japanese site)  /  Skype (English site)



Fees for language instruction


1-on-1  1 lesson 4 lessons /month 8 lessons /month
60 minutes 

90 minutes 



¥9,500   *5% off

¥12,500 *10% off

¥18,000  *10% off

¥23,800  *15% off

60 minutes 

90 minutes



¥6,850   *5% off

¥10,000 *10% off

¥13,500  *10% off

¥19,000  *15% off

*Fees for Culture Activities and for Large Groups

Please contact me to discuss your ideas and needs.  Current activities include, “Survival Japanese” mini-lecture, easy origami, Etegami postcard making.


The Fine Print


♢Lesson Plan 

 Let’s discuss your goals and preferences. Just message me if you have any questions. 


♢Group Lessons   

 Students who arrange group lessons for language instruction should have a similar level.
    For more than 2 students, contact me for pricing.


♢Lessons Outside of Kanazawa’s City Center.

 A bus fee for the teacher will be added if the face-to-face meeting location you pick is out of the center of Kanazawa.


♢About Payments

  • Payments are made in advance of the lessons. 
  • Electronic payments are preferred:  bank transfers for students in Japan, PayPal for students outside Japan.
  • Please note that banks usually charge a small handling fee for transfers.


♢About Cancellations and Rescheduling 

 24-hr advance notice is required for cancellations and rescheduling. Otherwise, only 50% is refunded.