Lessons & Fee


Monday-Sunday / 9:00-21:00 (Japanese time)  


♢ Face-to-Face lesson 
    Anywhere convenient for you. (e.g. your home, your office, a cafe, a library)
    Students buy their own drink/food when the lesson is held in a cafe.

 Online Lesson 
    Please install the skype free software for online lessons.   

Skype (Japanese site)  /  Skype (English site)


1-on- 1 lesson4 lessons /month8 lessons /month

60 minutes 

90 minutes



¥9,500   *5%off

¥12,500 *10%off

¥18,000 *10%off

¥23,800 *15%off
60 minutes 

90 minutes



¥6,850   *5%off

¥10,000 *10% off

¥13,500 *10%off

¥19,000 *15% off

The Fine Print

♢Lesson Plan 

Let’s discuss your goals and preferences. Just message me if you have any questions. 

♢Group Lessons   

Students who arrange a group lesson should have the same level of ability.

♢Face-to-Face Lessons Outside of Kanazawa’s City Center

A bus fee for the teacher will be added if the location you pick is out of the center of Kanazawa.

♢About Payments

  • Payments are made in advance of the lessons. 
  • Electronic payments are preferred:  bank transfers for students in Japan, PayPal for students outside Japan.
  • Please note that banks usually charge a small handling fee for transfers.

♢About Cancellations and Rescheduling 

24-hr advance notice is required for cancellations and rescheduling. Otherwise, only 50% is refunded.